Class Profile

I don’t really feel like a “student,” but rather part of a professional team… we care directly for patients and in our research blocks we create tangible results. Rather than sitting passively in lectures, we’re constantly interacting and sharing ideas with faculty teaching us.

Mark Tenforde
Class of 2009

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Class Breakdown
  Female: 17
  Male: 15
  Ohio Residents: 1
  Non Residents: 31
  Average Age: 23
  Age Range: 21-33
10% African American, 25% Asian, 15% Declined to Respond, 50% White

Matriculant Experiences
  Clinical Volunteer Experiences: 100%
  Non-clinical Volunteer Experiences: 100%
  Research Experience: 100%
  Publications: 38%
  Artistic Interests: 31%
  Intercollegiate Athletics: 34%
  Honors/Awards/Recognition:  91%

Matriculant Majors
  31 students majored or minored in at least one science
  11 students have multiple majors
  7 students with major and multiple minors
  1 student has a Master’s degree
  1 student has a Ph.D.
  There are a variety of interesting majors/minors outside of medicine including: Music, Spanish, Gender Studies, Social Policy, French, Political Science

Undergraduate Institutions (29 schools represented)
  Amherst College 1
  Brigham Young University 1
  Brown University 1
  California Institute of Technology 1
  Carleton College 1
  Carnegie Mellon University 1
  College of New Jersey 1
  Colorado School of Mines 1
  CUNY Queens College 1
  Duke University 2
  Elon University 1
  Emory University 1
  Georgetown University 1
  Johns Hopkins University 1
  Northwestern University 1
  Princeton University 1
  University of Alberta 1
  University of Arizona 1
  University of California - San Diego 1
  University of Lagos 1
  University of Maryland-College Park 1
  University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 2
  University of Notre Dame 1
  University of Pennsylvania 2
  University of Pittsburgh 1
  University of Southern California 1
  University of Wisconsin – Madison 1
  Washington and Lee University 1
  Washington University in St. Louis 1