The faculty here show a genuine interest in our progress… it’s amazing how quickly they’ll respond to an e-mail and how willing they are to meet.

Mati Hlatshwayo
Class of 2010

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We are seeking students who desire to be expert in clinical practice and to further the frontiers of medicine through scientific inquiry. We expect our graduates to be highly competitive for academic residencies and to pursue careers as physician investigators.

Important considerations in selecting students for the College include:

  • Intellectual achievement
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Research interest and experience, and
  • Diversity with regards to gender, race, culture, and socioeconomic background.

CCLCM is a unique program that is setting new standards for the training of physician investigators. Our goal is to identify the best students from the widest variety of backgrounds who will directly impact the future of medical care. We embrace the concept of promoting a diverse class in order to bring varying perspectives to the development of thoughtful physician investigators.

Student Profile

Ideal candidates are self-starters and motivated, team members. These individuals are also skilled at written expression, working cooperatively within a diverse group. Our students take pleasure in self-reflection and pursuing personal growth. They also enjoy finding new approaches and solutions to problems, even when some pieces of the puzzle are missing and the path to a solution is unclear. In other words, they love a challenge.

Admissions Criteria

All applicants are required to take the MCAT to be considered for admission. We will not be accepting MCAT scores after the September 11, 2010 testing date to apply for admission the following summer.

Although the admissions committee will consider your grades and your score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the admissions process, good grades and a high MCAT score are not the only criteria for admission. Experience in hypothesis-driven research, personal accomplishments, leadership potential, volunteer efforts for the benefit of others, medical shadowing and group experience are equally important. Curiosity, passion for learning, integrity and professionalism are key traits that we look for in selecting our students.

Academic Requirements

Applicants must meet the basic requirements for admission to the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. In addition, applicants must have completed a college level biochemistry course and should have some prior experience in research. Entering students will need a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences and, at a minimum, must have taken the following courses:

  • Biology - Students ordinarily satisfy this requirement if they have taken a one-year biology course, including lab that stresses molecular and quantitative concepts. Courses in anatomy, taxonomy, botany and ecology will not satisfy this requirement.
  • General Chemistry through Organic - Students normally meet this requirement if they have completed a one-year course in basic chemistry with lab and a one - year course in organic chemistry with lab.
  • Basic Physics - Students generally satisfy this requirement if they have taken a one-year course in physics with lab.
  • Writing skills - Students typically meet this requirement if they have taken one semester of an introductory course in expository writing; however, the committee will consider other courses that required extensive writing.
  • Biochemistry - A course in biochemistry that includes metabolism is required of all applicants prior to matriculation.
  • Humanities - A literal arts education is expected, courses in English, the classics and History are desireable.

AP credits are acceptable for physics and general chemistry but are not acceptable for organic chemistry or biology. Applicants with AP biology credits must complete two upper level biology courses to satisfy the premedical requirements.