Humanities in Medicine

Reflecting on student feedback, the Foundations of Clinical Medicine faculty created a new seminar series. In keeping with Cleveland Clinic’s motto, “Patients First” we truly believe the patient matters.

  1.  Culture matters—Medical Humanities programs are more successful in environments that reinforce their work.
  2. Mentors matter—Medical Humanities programs succeed when there are numerous opportunities for novices to observe their mentors join in the struggle with them to make sense and meaning of their work.
  3. Classroom matters—seminars work in a physical environment that promotes the development of a learning community. Finding one’s voice and listening to others’ voices/viewpoints is essential to our work.
  4. Texts matter—covering specific material is not the only goal of medical humanities programs. Using texts that help us discover/explore the values and beliefs we live out of and the character we develop individually and communally is what we are aiming for as well.
  5. Patience matters—program development takes time; community building takes time. It begins with focusing on what we are actually trying to do and naming it. That means our work together will carry a new course title: The Art of Medicine/The Human Experience of Health and Illness. And it means we will attempt to more cohesively integrate large and small group work, reflective and creative writing, and the input of scholars, educators and artists who will be bringing their skills, experience and viewpoints to our learning community.


Looking forward to working with you….