The faculty at CCLCM includes some of the most renowned doctors and researchers in the world. Their dedication and excitement for this medical school is apparent through their heavy involvement in all aspects of our curriculum ... The opportunities to pursue self directed learning and research at CCLCM are among the most unique and exciting characteristics of the program.

Benjiman Larson
Class of 2009

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A unique program…

  • A small class of 32 students a year allows close mentoring from a faculty culled from more than 1,700 Cleveland Clinic staff physicians and scientists.
  • Students refine their skills as self-directed learners and critical thinkers in an interactive learning environment.
  • The five year program (PDF) includes a 12-15 month master's level research thesis requirement.
  • Students have access to graduate courses during substantial time allotted for independent study and are encouraged to pursue master level degree in addition to the MD Degree.
  • Students graduate with "MD with Special Qualification in Biomedical Research" from CWRU.
  • Each student has both a physician and a research advisor who work with the student to help ensure successful progress through the program.
An innovative curriculum
  • The curriculum provides a "graduate education in medicine."
  • Teaching methods focus on interactive learning, including problem-based learning (PBL), seminars, problem sets, electronic-based curriculum, labs, and formal lectures are few and discouraged.
  • The research curriculum extends throughout the 5 years and includes hands-on research experience during the first two summers of school and for the 12-15 months research thesis project..
  • The basic science curriculum is organ system-based, with traditional disciplines including anatomy, histology/pathology, pharmacology, cell biology/biochemistry/molecular biology, physiology, immunology, infectious disease, oncology, human values in medicine, ethics, and genetics woven through every course.
  • Clinical experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum beginning early in year 1.
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  • Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes as part of their professional responsibility.
  • A strong commitment has been made to our Humanities in Medicine program which is an innovative and unique method of teaching students to become a skillful and professional physician. This program includes performance based arts and literative applications, inter acting with our Art in Medicine Institute, field trips to the Cleveland Museum of Art and other creative programs.
Combined MD/Master's Degree

Master's Degrees in selected areas can be coordinated with the medical school curriculum to enhance research skills and expertise.  Students in good standing can choose from several graduate programs. Students receive some credit toward the Master's Degree from courses taken as part of the MD Program.  Most programs require 3-7 extra courses, usually concentrated in the first two years.  Students are encouraged to develop a thesis project that satisfies the requirements of both the MD and Master's Degree programs.  The remaining Master's Degree requirements are integrated with the clinical and research program in years 3-5.  Most Master's Degree programs are designed to be completed during the 5-year CCLCM program at no extra cost; however, not all Master's programs can be completed within the 5 years.

  • MD/MS Biomedical Investigation with tracks in Biochemistry, Clinical Research Scholars, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Physiology and Biotechnology
  • MD/MPH
  • MD/MA in Bioethics
  • MD/MS in Applied Anatomy
  • MD/MS in Biomedical Engineering