The Executive Dean of the CCLCM oversees all aspects of the CWRU school of medicine dean as well as the leadership of the Cleveland Clinic. In order to address the unique needs of the program, CCLCM has its own Associate Deans for Admissions and Student Affairs, Curricular Affairs, and Faculty Affairs who report to the Executive Dean.


Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD
Dean, CWRU School of Medicine

James B. Young, MD
Executive Dean, CCLCM

Martin Kohn, Phd
Director of Humanities in Medicine Curriculum

Kathleen N. Franco, MD
Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs, CCLCM

Richard Prayson, MD
Director, Student Affairs

Alan L. Hull, M.D., PhD
Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs, CCLCM

Gene Barnett, MD
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, CCLCM

S. Beth Bierer, PhD
Director, Program Evaluation, CCLCM

Guy M. Chisolm, PhD and Imad M. Najm, MD
Co-Directors, Basic Science Education, CCLCM

Elaine F. Dannefer, PhD
Director, Medical Education Research and Assessment, CCLCM

Wilma B. Doyle, MA
Administrator, CCLCM

Richard L. Drake, PhD
Director, Anatomy, CCLCM

Linda Graham, MD
Director, Research Education, CCLCM

Geraldine Hall, PhD
Director, Problem Based Learning Facilitator Development, CCLCM

J. Harry Isaacson, MD
Director, Clinical Education, CCLCM

Neil B. Mehta, MD
Director, Education Technology, CCLCM

Elizabeth Myers, MEd
Director, Admissions/Financial Aid, CCLCM

Martha Cathcart, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Education, CCLCM

Christine Taylor, PhD
Director, Faculty Development, CCLCM

John Tetzlaff, MD
Chairman, Medical Student Promotions and Review Committee, CCLCM