2011 Patient Experience: Empathy & Innovation Summit


  • Explain the role of HDL in overall cardiovascular risk reduction and how HDL-C particle size may relate to lipid metabolism
  • Describe various cardiac biomarkers and their implications for patient screening and management
  • Review the role of cardiac resynchronization therapy in managing patients with heart failure
  • Discuss strategies for evaluating and treating patients with symptomatic AF
  • Describe the need for accurate diagnosis and risk stratification of stable CAD patients, and interpret findings from COURAGE and BARI 2D.
  • Describe the role of imaging in the diagnosis and risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Examine clinical trial results of novel oral anticoagulants used in the prevention of AF-related stroke
  • Discuss how new and emerging stent technologies have evolved and their potential to improve patient outcomes in CAD
  • Summarize state of the art treatment for aortic and peripheral vascular disease