Glossary of Cancer Terms



The muscular canal between the uterus and the outside of the body.

Vaginal Cancer Cancer arising in the vagina. Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer representing only 1-2 percent of all gynecologic malignancies.


A surgical procedure to cut or tie off the vas deferans (tubes that carry sperm out of the testicles). This procedure is done for sterility in males.


Cavities within an organ. There are 4 ventricles in the brain in which spinal fluid is produced. There are 2 ventricles of the heart that pump blood to the lungs and through the body.


Small living particles that can infect cells and changes how the cells function. Infection with a virus can cause a person to develop symptoms. The disease and symptoms that are caused depend on the type of virus and the type of cells that are infected.


Necessary to maintain life. Breathing is a vital function.

Vocal cords

Two small bands of muscle within the larynx. They close to prevent food from getting into the lungs, and they vibrate to produce the voice.

Vulva The external female genital organs, including the clitoris, vaginal lips (labia), and the opening to the vagina.
Vulvar Cancer Cancer that develops within the external female sexual organs. Vulvar cancer accounts for 3-5% of all cancers of the female genital tract.


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