Growth Attenuation in non-ambulatory patients with severe disability

Growth attenuation has been proposed as a form of treatment for severely developmentally compromised children in hopes of improving their likelihood of being cared for in a home setting. This was recently described in the medical literature, followed by public discussion in the popular media. As a result of the media coverage, some families in the Cleveland Clinic Health System have begun asking for the "Ashley Treatment" for particular children. Researchers in the Department of Bioethics are examining ethics consultations in the provision of this treatment and seeking to provide guidance for providers who are approached by interested families.

Select publications:

Gunther DF, Diekema DS. Attenuating growth in children with profound developmental disability: A new approach to an old dilemma. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2006, 160:1013-7   

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Dr. Kathryn Weise, M.D.

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