Bruce Hubbard Stewart Program

Each year, approximately 15 CCF patient care professionals (staff, resident physicians, nurses, allied health) are selected as Stewart Fellows from individuals nominated by their peers. Stewart Fellows participate in two full day seminars with a nationally known humanities scholar in the Fall and Spring.

Deadline for nominations is May 30 and the Stewart Advisory Committee meets in June to name Stewart Fellows for the next year.

Statement of Purpose:

The Bruce Hubbard Stewart Seminars shall serve to sustain the memory of Bruce Stewart, MD, (1929-1983) who was first a member of the Department of Urology and later the Chairman of The Division of Survery at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1964-1983).

Dr. Stewart left the legacy of his dedication to the humanistic and artistic qualities of the practice of medicine to The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He wished to formalize the Cleveland Clinic's dedication to the humane care of patients by encouraging and teaching this behavior to those who care for patients. The Bruce Stewart Award, "The Art of Medicine", was instituted in 1984 both to recognize physicians who manifest to a high degree the art of medicine in their practice of medicine, and to encourage the development and enhancement of humanistic and ethical qualities in physicians.

The idea of the Bruce Stewart Seminars is an outgrowth of the Bruce Stewart Award that involves the development of systematic educational sessions to encourage humanistic and ethical behavior in all individuals who provide care to patients at the Cleveland Clinic. The Stewart Seminars are designed to meet the following goal:

To increase understanding of human problems, to enhance the ability of care givers to analyze these problems, and to stimulate creative ways to address these problems humanely and ethically.

Every year, selected members of the Professional Staff, Nursing Staff, Resident Staff, and Allied Health Professions of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation are named Stewart Fellows after being nominated by their peers in recognition of their compassionate and humane care of patients. They participate in a full-day session in the Fall and Spring. The names of the selected persons are read each year on the occasion of the annual presentation of the Bruce Hubbard Stewart Award at the Certificate Ceremony. After the bestowal of the Bruce Hubbard Stewart Awards, these persons serve as Stewart Fellows for the ensuing year.

Stewart Seminars Program

Each year two respected humanitarians, scholars, scientists, clergymen, poets, authors, or other persons of knowledge and distinction are invited to spend a day at the Cleveland Clinic as Stewart Scholars.

The Stewart Scholar directs each Seminar, leading a discussion among the Fellows on a topic of his or her choice that has to do with the compassionate and humanistic practice of medicine and the ideals and values that should guide the men and women in their respective health care professions.

Prior to the Seminars, the Fellows prepare themselves by reading and study as designated by the Stewart Scholars.

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