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The continued list of selected publications by Dr. Ashok Agarwal is as follows :

97.  PDF File (agradoc97.pdf  376 Kb)
Gil-Guzman, E., Ollero, M., Lopez, M.C., Sharma, R.K., Alvarez, J.G., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal A (2001):
Differential production of reactive oxygen species by subsets of human spermatozoa at different stages of maturation.
Hum Reprod 16: 1922-1930.

98.  PDF File (agradoc98.pdf  216 Kb)
Ollero, M., Gil-Guzman, E., Lopez, M.C., Sharma, R.K., Agarwal, A., Larson, K., Evenson, D., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Alvarez, J.G. (2001):
Characterization of subsets of human spermatozoa at different stages of maturation: implications in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.
Hum Reprod 16: 1912-1921.

99.  PDF File (agradoc99.pdf 97 Kb)
Naughton, C., Nangia, A., and Agarwal A (2001):
Pathophysiology of varicoceles in male infertility.
Hum Reprod Update 7: 473-481.

100.  PDF File (agradoc100.pdf  150 Kb)
Hallak, J., Sharma, R.K., Pasqualotto, F.F., Ranganathan, P., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal A (2001):
Creatine kinase as an indicator of sperm quality and maturity in men with oligospermia.
Urology 58: 446-451.

101.  PDF File (agradoc101.pdf  50 Kb)
Singh, M., Goldberg, J., Falcone, T., Nelson, D.R., Pasqualotto, E., Attaran, M., and Agarwal A (2001):
Superovulation and intrauterine insemination in cases of treated mild pelvic disease.
J Assist Reprod Genet 18: 26-29.

102.  PDF File (agradoc102.pdf  66 Kb)
Zippe, C.D., Raina, R., Thukral, M., Lakin, M.M., Klein, E.A., and Agarwal A (2001):
Management of erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy.
Current Urology Reports 2: 495-503.

103.  PDF File (agradoc103.pdf  79 Kb)
Raina, R., Khattri, S., Thukral, M., Lakin, M.M., Agarwal, A., and Zippe, C.D. (2001):
Treatment option for erectile dysfunction. Review Article.
J Int Med India 4: 198-209.

104.  PDF File (agradoc104.pdf  37 Kb)
Ranganathan, P., Mahran, A.M., Hallak, J., and Agarwal, A. (2002):
Sperm cryopreservation for men with nonmalignant, systemic diseases: a descriptive study.
J Androl 23: 71-75.

105.  PDF File (agradoc105.pdf  86 Kb)
Bedaiwy, M.A., Falcone, T., Sharma, R.K., Goldberg, J.M., Attaran, M., Nelson, D.R., and Agarwal, A. (2002):
Prediction of endometriosis with serum and peritoneal fluid markers: a prospective controlled trial.
Human Reprod 17: 426-431.

106.  PDF File (agradoc106.pdf  266 Kb)
Alvarez, J.G., Sharma, R.K., Ollero, M., Saleh, R.A., Lopez, M.C., Thomas, A.J., Jr., Evenson, D., and Agarwal A. (2002):
Increased DNA damage in sperm from leukocytospermic semen samples as determined by the sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA).
Fertil Steril 78: 319-329.

107.  PDF File (agradoc107.pdf  88 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Agarwal A., Nelson, D.R., Nada, E.A., El-Tonsy, M.H., Alvarez, J.G., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Sharma, R.K. (2002):
Increased damage of sperm nuclear DNA in normozoospermic infertile men: a prospective study.
Fertil Steril 78: 313-318.

108.  PDF File (agradoc108.pdf  89 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Agarwal A., Sharma, R.K., Nelson, D.R., and Thomas, A.J.,Jr. (2002):
Effect of cigarette smoking on levels of seminal oxidative stress in infertile men: A prospective study.
Fertil Steril 78: 491-499.

Agarwal, A. and Saleh, RA (2002):
Utility of oxidative stress in the male infertility clinic. Review article.
Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue 8: 1-9.

110.  PDF File (agradoc110.pdf  582 Kb)
Saleh, R.A. and Agarwal A. (2002):
Oxidative stress and male infertility: from research bench to clinical practice.   Review Article.
J Androl 23: 737-752.

111.  PDF File (agradoc111.pdf  65 Kb)
Esfandiari N., Saleh R.A., Blaut A.P., Sharma R.K., Nelson D.R., Thomas A.J. Jr., Falcone T. and Agarwal A. (2002):
Effects of temperature on sperm characteristics and reactive oxygen species.
Int J Fertil & Women's Med 47: 227-233.

112.  PDF File (agradoc112.pdf  147 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Agarwal A., Kandirali, E., Sharma, R.K., Thomas, A.J., Jr., Nada, E.A., Evenson, D.P., and Alvarez, J.G. (2002):
Leukocytospermia is associated with increased reactive oxygen species production by human sperm.
Fertil Steril 78: 1215-1224.

113.  PDF File (agradoc113.pdf  241 Kb)
Wang, X., Falcone, T., Attaran, M., Goldberg, J.M., Agarwal, A., and Sharma, R.K. (2002):
Vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation reduce oxidative stress induced embryo toxicity and improve blastocyst development rate.
Fertil Steril 78: 1272-1277.

113A.  PDF File (agradoc113A.pdf  167 Kb)
Agarwal A, Saleh RA (2002):
Role of oxidants in male infertility: rationale, significance, and treatment. Review Article.
Urol Clin North Am. 29: 817-827.

114.  PDF File (agradoc114.pdf  331 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Saleh, RA, Bedaiwy, MA (2003):
Role of reactive oxygen species in the pathophysiology of human reproduction.
Review Article. Fertil Steril 79: 829-843.

115.  PDF File (agradoc115.pdf  63 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Ranga, G.M., Raina, R., Nelson, D.R., and Agarwal, A. (2003):
Sexual dysfunction in men undergoing infertility evaluation: a cohort observational study.
Fertil Steril 79: 909-912.

115A.  PDF File (agradoc115A.pdf  26 Kb)
Agarwal, A., Saleh, R.A., Sharma, R.K., Nelson, D.R., and Thomas, A.J., Jr. (2003):
Smoking and sperm viability - a never-ending story. Letter to the Editor.
Fertil Steril 79: 1469-1470.

116.  PDF File (agradoc116.pdf  307 Kb)
Agarwal, A., Sharma, R.K., and Nelson, D.R. (2003):
New semen quality scores developed by principal component analysis of semen characteristics.
J Androl 24: 343-352.

117.  PDF File (agradoc117.pdf  454 Kb)
Bedaiwy, M.A., Sharma, R.K., Alhussaini, T.K., Mohamed, M.S., Abdel-Aleem, A.M., Nelson, D.R., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal, A. (2003):
The use of novel semen quality scores to predict pregnancy in couples with male-factor infertility undergoing intrauterine insemination.
J Androl 24: 353-360.

118.  PDF File (agradoc118.pdf  127 Kb)
Saleh, R.A., Agarwal, A., Nada, E.A., El-Tonsy, M.H., Sharma, R.K., Meyer, A., Nelson, D.R., Thomas, A.J., Jr. (2003):
Negative effects of increased sperm DNA damage in relation to seminal oxidative stress in men with idiopathic and male factor infertility.
Fertil Steril 79: 1597-1605.

119.  PDF File (agradoc119.pdf  110 Kb)
Raina, R, Lakin, M.M., Agarwal, A, Sharma, RK, Goyal, KK, Montague, DK, Klein, E, and Zippe, C.D. (2003):
Long-term effect of sildenafil citrate on erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy: 3-year follow-up.
Urology 62: 110-115.

120.  PDF File (agradoc120.pdf  62 Kb)
Burrello, N, Vicari, E, Shin, P, Agarwal, A, De Palma, A, Grazioso, C, D'Agata, R, and Calogero, AE (2003):
Lower sperm aneuploidy frequency is associated with high pregnancy rate in ICSI programs.
Hum Reprod 18: 1371-1376.

121.  PDF File (agradoc121.pdf  183 Kb)
Agarwal, A and Said, TM (2003):
Role of sperm chromatin abnormalities and DNA damage in male infertility. Review Article.
Hum Reprod Update 9: 331-345.

122.    PDF File (agradoc122.pdf  47 Kb)
Said, T.M., Kattal, N., Sharma, R.K., Sikka, S.C., Thomas, AJ, Jr., Mascha, E., Agarwal, A. (2003):
Enhanced chemiluminescence assay versus colorimetric assay for measurement of the total antioxidant capacity of human seminal plasma.
J Androl 24: 676-680.

123.    PDF File (agradoc123.pdf  119 Kb)
Wang, X, Sharma, RK, Sikka, SC, Thomas, AJ, Jr, Falcone, T, and Agarwal, A. (2003):
Oxidative stress is associated with increased apoptosis leading to spermatozoa DNA damage in patients with male-factor infertility.
Fertil Steril 80: 531-535.

124.    PDF File (agradoc124.pdf  141 Kb)
Wang, X, Sharma, RK, Gupta, A, George, V, Thomas, AJ, Jr., Falcone, T, and Agarwal, A. (2003):
Alterations in mitochondria membrane potential (MMP) and oxidative stress in infertile men: a prospective observational study.
Fertil Steril 80: 844-850.

125.    PDF File (agradoc125.pdf  176 Kb)
Esfandiari, N, Falcone, T, Bedaiwy, MA, Agarwal, A, Jeremias, E, and Sharma, RK (2003):
Autologous transplantation of cryopreserved ovary induces the generation of antiovary antibodies in sheep.
Fertil Steril 80: 1062-1064.

126.    PDF File (agradoc126.pdf  540 Kb)
Raina, R., Lakin, M.M., Thukral, M., Agarwal, A., Ausmundson, S., Montague, D.K., Klein, E., and Zippe, C.D. (2003):
Long-term efficacy and compliance of intracorporeal (IC) injection for erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy: SHIM (IIEF-5) analysis.
Int J Imp Res 15: 318-322.

127.    PDF File (agradoc127.pdf  134 Kb)
Esfandiari, N, Sharma, RK, Saleh, RA, Thomas, AJ, Jr, and Agarwal, A. (2003):
Utility of the nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) reduction test for assessment of reactive oxygen species production by seminal leukocytes and spermatozoa.
J Androl 24: 862-870.

128.    PDF File (agradoc128.pdf  117 Kb)
Raina, R, Agarwal, A, Goyal, KK, Jackson, C, Ulchaker, J, Angermeier, K, Klein, E, Ciezki, J, and Zippe, C.D. (2003):
Long-term potency after Iodine-125 radiotherapy for prostate cancer and role of sildenafil citrate.
Urology 62: 1103-1108.

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