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The continued list of selected publications by Dr. Ashok Agarwal is as follows :

321.    PDF File (agradoc321.pdf    100 Kb)
Gupta, S, Chandra, A, Choi, A, Surti, N, Agarwal, A (2009):
Newer treatment modalities in endometriosis: systematic review.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S184-S195.

322.    PDF File (agradoc322.pdf    186 Kb)
Gupta, S, Surti, N, Metterle, L, Chandra, A, Agarwal, A (2009):
Antioxidants and female reproductive pathologies. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S151-S173.

323.    PDF File (agradoc323.pdf    94 Kb)
Botha, M, Kruger, TF, Agarwal, A, du Plessis S (2009):
Fertility sparing surgery for female cancer patients complimenting cryotechniques. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S174-S183.

324.    PDF File (agradoc324.pdf    73 Kb)
Gupta, S, Sharma, D, Surti, N, Kesavan, S, Khanna, P, Agarwal, A (2009):
Ovarian reserve testing: systematic review of the literature.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S143-S150.

325.    PDF File (agradoc325.pdf    132 Kb)
Gupta, S, Chen, D, O’Brien, K, Chandra, A, Metterle, L, Kesavan, S, Agarwal, A (2009):
Adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome: pathophysiology and implications of the disease. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S115-S131.

326.    PDF File (agradoc326.pdf    91 Kb)
Gupta, S, Metterle, L, Thakkar, P, Surti, N, Chandra, A, Agarwal, A (2009):
Ovulation induction in polycystic ovary syndrome. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S132-S142.

327.    PDF File (agradoc327.pdf    221 Kb)
Varghese A, Bragais F, Mukhopadhyay D, Kundu S, Pal M, Bhattacharyya A, Agarwal A (2009):
Human sperm DNA integrity in normal and abnormal semen samples and its correlation with sperm charachteristics.
Andrologia 41: 207-215.

328.    PDF File (agradoc328.pdf    290 Kb)
Grunewald S, Sharma R, Paasch U, Glander H, Agarwal A (2009):
Impact of Caspase Activation in Human Spermatozoa.
Micro Reas and Tech

329.    PDF File (agradoc329.pdf    363 Kb)
Mansour, G, Sharma, R, Agarwal, A, Falcone, T (2009):
Endometriosis induced alterations in mouse metaphase II oocyte microtubules and chromosomal alignment: a possible cause of infertility.
Fertil Steril 91(5): 2079-2086.

330.    PDF File (agradoc330.pdf    1321 Kb)
Gupta S, Malhotra N, Sharma D, Chandra A, Agarwal A (2009):
Oxidative stress and its role in female infertility and assisted reproduction: Clinical implications. Review Artcle.
Inter Jour of Fert Ster. Vol 2: No 4: 147-164.

331.    PDF File (agradoc331.pdf    954 Kb)
Agarwal A (2009):
Guest editorial: What is in the future of sperm analysis?
Journal of Clinic. Embryo. Vol 12: 2.

332.    PDF File (agradoc332.pdf    530 Kb)
Mahfouz R, Sharma R, Lackner J, Aziz N, Agarwal A (2009):
Evaluation of chemiluminescence and flow cytometry as tools in assessing production of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion in human spermatozoa.
Fertil Steril 92(2): 819-827.

333.    PDF File (agradoc333.pdf    44 Kb)
Mahfouz R, Sharma R, Lackner J, Aziz N, Agarwal A (2009):
Letter to the editor.
Fertil steril 92(2): e20.

334.    PDF File (agradoc334.pdf    627 Kb)
Combelles, C, Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, (2009):
Could oxidative stress influence the in-vitro maturation of oocytes? Review Article.
Reprod Biomed Online: 18(6): 864-880.

335.    PDF File (agradoc335.pdf    129 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Bragais, F, Sabanegh ES (2009):
Laboratory assessment of male infertility: A guide for the urologist.
Business Briefing - US Urology 2009;4: 70-73.

336.    PDF File (agradoc336.pdf    423 Kb)
Desai N, Sabanegh E, Kim T, Agarwal A (2009):
Free radical theory of aging: implications in male infertility. Review Article.
Urology Jul 16 [E-Pub].

337.    PDF File (agradoc337.pdf    82 Kb)
Venkatesh, S, Riyaz, A, Shamshi, M, Kumar,R, Gupta, N, Mittal, S, Malhotra, N, Sharma, R, Agarwal, A, Dada, R (2009):
Clinical significance of reactive oxygen species in semen of infertile Indian men.
Andrologia 41(4): 251-256.

338.    PDF File (agradoc338.pdf    32 Kb)
Agarwal, A (2009):
Guest Editorial in special issue on infertility.
Arch Med Sci 1A, March / 2009: S1.

339.    PDF File (agradoc339.pdf    323 Kb)
Kader, A, Choi, A, Sharma, R, Falcone, T, Agarwal, A (2009):
Effect of varying equilibration time in a two-step vitrification method on the post-warming DNA integrity of mouse blastocysts.
Fertil Steril (In Press).

340.    PDF File (agradoc340.pdf    2026 Kb)
Kader, A, Choi, A, Orief, Y, Agarwal, A (2009):
Factors affecting the outcome of human blastocyst vitrification.
Reprod Biol Endocr 7: 99.

341.    PDF File (agradoc341.pdf    699 Kb)
Gupta, S, Aziz, N, Sekhon, L, Agarwal, R, Mansour, G, Li, JM, Agarwal, A (2009):
Lipid peroxidation and anti-oxidant status in pre-eclampsia: A systematic review.
Ob & Gyn Survey 64:11: 750-759.

342.    PDF File (agradoc342.pdf    334 Kb)
Desai, NR, Kesari, KK, Agarwal, A (2009):
Pathophysiology of cell phone radiation: oxidative stress and carcinogenesis with focus on male reproductive system. Review Article.
Reprod Biol Endocr 7:114.

343.    PDF File (agradoc343.pdf    395 Kb)
Makker K, Agarwal A, Sharma R. (2009):
Oxidative stress and male infertility: current update. Review Article.
Indian J of Med Res 129(4):357-67.

344.    PDF File (agradoc344.pdf    346 Kb)
O'Flynn O'Brien, K, Varghese, A, Agarwal, A (2010):
Genetic causes of male infertility: A review.
Fertil Steril (Modern Trends) 93(1): 1-12.

345.    PDF File (agradoc345.pdf    570 Kb)
Jha, R., Agarwal, A, Mahfouz, R, Paasch, U, Grunewald, S, Sabanegh, E, Yadav. S, Sharma, R. (2009):
Determination of Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) homologues in human ejaculated sperm and its correlation with sperm maturation.
Fertil Steril 91(3): 782-790.

346.    PDF File (agradoc346.pdf    508 Kb)
Mahfouz, R, Sharma, R, Kerstin P, Jha, R, Paasch, U, Grunewald, S, Agarwal, A (2009):
Evaluation of poly (ADP- ribose) polymerase cleavage (cleaved-PARP) in ejaculated human sperm fractions after induction of apoptosis.
Fertil Steril 91(5): 2210-2220.

347.    PDF File (agradoc347.pdf    278 Kb)
Mahfouz, R, Sharma, R, Sharma, D, Sabanegh, E, Agarwal, A (2009):
Diagnostic value of the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) in human seminal plasma.
Fertil Steril 91(3): 805-811.

348.    PDF File (agradoc348.pdf    1097 Kb)
Mansour, G, Abdelrazik, H, Sharma, R, Radwan, E, Falcone, T, Agarwal, A (2009):
L-carnitine supplementation reduces oocyte cytoskeleton damage and embryo apoptosis induced by incubation in peritoneal fluid from patients with endometriosis.
Fertil Steril 91(5): 2079-2086.

349.    PDF File (agradoc349.pdf    771 Kb)
Abdelrazik, H., Sharma, R., Mahfouz, R., Agarwal, A (2009):
L-Carnitine (LC) decreases DNA damage and improves the in vitro blastocyst development rate in mouse embryos.
Fertil Steril 91(2): 589-596.

350.    PDF File (agradoc350.pdf    81 Kb)
Ghabili K, Shoja MM, Agutter PS, Agarwal A (2009):
Hypothesis: Intracellular acidification contributes to infertility in varicocele.
Fertil Steril 92(1): 399-401.

351.    PDF File (agradoc351.pdf    718 Kb)
Varghese, A, Nagy, Z, Agarwal, A (2009):
Current trends, biological foundations and future prospects of oocyte and embryo cryopreservation. Review Article.
Reprod Biomed Online 19(1): 126-140.

352.    PDF File (agradoc352.pdf    465 Kb)
Gupta, S. Aziz, N., Sekhon, L., Agarwal, R, Mansour, G., Li, J., Agarwal, A (2009):
Lipid peroxidation in preeclampsia: A systematic review.
Ob Gyn Survey 64(11): 750-759.

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