Center Provides Comprehensive Services for Sexual Disorders

The Cleveland Clinic's Center for Sexual Function in the Department of Urology is one of the few multidisciplinary centers in the country. We provide comprehensive evaluation and specialized treatment for men, women and couples.

For men, diagnostic services include medical, urological and psychological evaluations. Testing consists of nocturnal penile tumescence testing, sensory threshold testing, diagnostic injections, duplex ultrasonography, infusion pharmacocavernosometry, cavernosography, and selective internal pudendal arteriography.

Treatment options available consist of sex therapy; medical therapy for hypogonadism, hyperprolactinemia, and other systemic disorders; vacuum erection device therapy; penile injection therapy; penile prosthesis implantation; and penile reconstructive surgery for Peyronie's disease. Other types of penile reconstructive surgery include surgery for congenital chordee and penile venous ligation surgery.

The Center also offers comprehensive surgery to remedy sexual problems related to cancer treatment. The Center for Sexual Function can evaluate and treat the psychological and medical aspects of sexual problems in men who have received treatment for cancer.

In women, loss of sexual desire and pain upon intercourse are the two most common problems encountered after cancer treatment. Counseling can often improve the situation, and our staff includes psychologist Leslie R. Schover, Ph.D. Dr. Schover developed the first sexual rehabilitation program in a cancer center during her years at M.D.Anderson, before joining our staff in 1988. She has also written two booklets for the American Cancer Society, entitled Sexuality & Cancer. One deals with issues faced by women and the other with issues that men face.

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Last Update : December 26, 2008
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