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Course Director: Maria Siemionow, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.


Training in Microsurgery is directed to surgeons in the following specialties - general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, as well as plastic, orthopaedic and hand surgery. The courses are also directed to trainees in those specialties and researchers who seek training in practical microsurgery at either of two levels, basic or advanced. Microsurgery courses are held on a weekly basis throughout the year. The five day course runs from 8:00am to 4:00p.m. - Monday through Friday by the Department of Plastic Surgery. The microsurgery laboratory accommodates five trainees at a time. The courses use videotapes and direct one-on-one teaching. All surgical procedures are performed on experimental rats. All instruments, suture material, and microscopes used are of the highest standards available. Each trainee will have access to a Zeiss microscope and one-on-one instruction.

Basic Microsurgery Course :

The Basic Course will introduce the use of an operating microscope, microinstruments and microsuture.

Course objectives :

As a result of attending this course, participants will be trained in vessel dissection, varying microsurgical techniques, arterial and venous end-to-end and end-to side anastomosis, and preparation and placement of vascular grafts.

Techniques :

Arterial Anastomoses :

  • End-to-End
  • End-to-Side
  • Arterial Graft

Venous Anastomoses :

  • End-to-End
  • End-to-Side
  • Venous Graft

Combination :

  • Arterial and Venous Bypass
  • A-V Shunts

Advanced Microsurgery Course :

The Advanced Course is offered to individuals who have completed the basic microsurgery course.

Course objectives :

As a result of attending, the participants will he able to raise, release and revascularize cutaneous, muscular and composite free tissue transfers; practice limb replantation.

Techniques :

Advanced Arterial Anastomoses :

  • End-in-End
  • Arterial Bypass
  • Venous Graft
  • A-V Shunts

Free Tissue Transfer :

  • Cutaneous Flap
  • Muscle Flap
  • Rat Hind Limb
  • Replantation

Contact Information :

For Training Schedule and Fee information, please contact:
Maria Siemionow, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Director of Plastic Surgery Research
Head, Microsurgery Training
Plastic Surgery, A60
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
9500, Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Office Tel: 216 445-2405
Microsurgery Laboratory: 216 445-8115
Fax: 216 444-9419
e-mail: siemiom@ccf.org

Specialty-Oriented Microsurgery Course :

This course can be tailored for individual participants with other structures of interest, such as nerves, fallopian tubes, and vas deferens.

Course objectives :

As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to become familiar with microsurgical techniques related to the fields of their particular interest such as: urology, neurosurgery gynecology, and otolaryngology.

Specialties and Techniques :

Urology :

  • Vasovasostomy
  • Vasoepidydiostomy

Obstetrics/Gynecology :

  • Fallopian Tube Anastomosis

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Last Update : December 08, 2008
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