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Female Infertility

1.    PDF File (agradoc324.pdf 73 Kb)
Gupta, S, Sharma, D, Surti, N, Kesavan, S, Khanna, P, Agarwal, A (2009):
Ovarian reserve testing: systematic review of the literature.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S143-S150.

2.    PDF File (agradoc325.pdf 132 Kb)
Gupta, S, Chen, D, O’Brien, K, Chandra, A, Metterle, L, Kesavan, S, Agarwal, A (2009):
Adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome: pathophysiology and implications of the disease. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S115-S131.

3.    PDF File (agradoc326.pdf 91 Kb)
Gupta, S, Metterle, L, Thakkar, P, Surti, N, Chandra, A, Agarwal, A (2009):
Ovulation induction in polycystic ovary syndrome. Review Article.
Arch of Med Sci. 5, 1A: S132-S142.

4.    PDF File (agradoc367.pdf 314 Kb)   new
Ly, K, Safi, J, Aziz, N, and Agarwal, A (2010):
Evidence based management of infertile patients with recurrent implantation failure.
In: Current concepts in assisted reproduction and fertility preservation, Current Women's Health Reviews, (Editors: Sajal Gupta and Ashok Agarwal) Vol 6(3): 200-218.

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