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1.    PDF File (agradoc044.pdf 583 Kb)
Wang Y, Sharma RK, Falcone T, Goldberg J, and Agarwal A:
Importance of reactive oxygen species in the peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis or idiopathic infertility.
Fertil Steril 1997, 68:826-830.

2.    PDF File (agradoc88.pdf 59 Kb)
Attaran, M., Pasqualotto, E., Falcone, T., Goldberg, J., Miller, K., Agarwal, A., and Sharma, R.K. (2000):
The effect of follicular fluid reactive oxygen species on the outcome of in vitro fertilization.
Int J Fertil Womens Med 45:314-320.

3.    PDF File (agradoc105.pdf 86 Kb)
Bedaiwy, M.A., Falcone, T., Sharma, R.K., Goldberg, J.M., Attaran, M., Nelson, D.R., and Agarwal, A. (2002):
Prediction of endometriosis with serum and peritoneal fluid markers: a prospective controlled trial.
Hum Reprod 17:426-431

4.    PDF File (osdoc31.pdf 92 Kb)
Bedaiwy, M.A., Goldberg, J.M., Falcone, T., Singh, M., Nelson, D.R., Azab, H., Wang, X, and Sharma, R.K. (2002):
Relationship between oxidative stress and embryotoxicity of hydrosalpingeal fluid.
Hum Reprod 17:601-604.

5.    PDF File (agradoc113.pdf 241 Kb)
Wang X., Falcone T., Attaran M., Goldberg J.M., Agarwal A., and Sharma R.K. (2002):
Vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation reduce oxidative stress induced embryo toxicity and improve blastocyst development rate.
Fertil Steril 78:1272-1277.

6.    PDF File (agradoc114.pdf 331 Kb)
Agarwal A., Saleh R.A., Bedaiwy M.A. (2003):
Role of reactive oxygen species in the pathophysiology of human reproduction. Review Article.
Fertil Steril 79:829-843.

7.    PDF File (agradoc120.pdf 62 Kb)
Burrello, N,, Vicari, E., Shin, P, Agarwal, A, De Palma, A, Grazioso, C, D'Agata, R, and Calogera, AE (2003):
Lower sperm aneuploidy frequency is associated with high pregnancy rate in ICSI programs.
Hum Reprod 18:1371-1376.

8.    PDF File (faltdoc064.pdf 175 Kb)
Noriega J, Bedaiwy M, Sharma RK, Falcone T. (2004):
Effect of tumor necrosis factor-a blocker (infliximab) on blastocyst development in vitro.
Fertil Steril 81:1704-1706.

9.    PDF File (agradoc141.pdf 72 Kb)
Pasqualotto, EB, Agarwal, A, Sharma, RK, Izzo, VM, Pinotti, JA, Joshi, NJ, and Rose, BI (2004):
The effect of oxidative stress in follicular fluid on the outcome of assisted reproductive procedures.
Fertil Steril 81:973-6.

10.    PDF File (agradoc146.pdf 647 Kb)
Agarwal, A and Allamaneni, SSR (2004):
Role of free radicals in female reproductive diseases and assisted reproduction. Review Article.
Reprod Biomed Online 9:338-47.

11.    PDF File (agradoc150.pdf 191 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T, Mohamed, MS, Aleem, AA, Sharma, RK, Worley, SE, Thornton, J, and Agarwal, A. (2004):
Differential growth of human embryos in vitro: role of reactive oxygen species.
Fertil Steril 82:593-600.

12.    PDF File (agradoc159.pdf 225 Kb)
Sharma, RK and Agarwal, A (2004):
Role of reactive oxygen species in gynecologic diseases. Review Article.
Reprod Med Biol 3:177-199.

13.    PDF File (agradoc168.pdf 391 Kb)
Esfandiari, N, Falcone, T, Agarwal, A, Attaran, M, Nelson, DR, and Sharma, RK (2005):
Protein supplementation and the incidence of apoptosis and oxidative stress in mouse embryos.
Obstet Gynecol 105:653-60.

14.    PDF File (agradoc170.pdf 147 Kb)
Agarwal, A, and Gupta, S (2005):
Role of reactive oxygen species in female reproduction. Part 1. Oxidative stress: a general overview. Review Article.
AgroFOOD industry hi-tech 16:21-25.

15.    PDF File (agradoc179.pdf 335 Kb)
Said, TM, Agarwal, A, Falcone, T, Sharma, RK, Bedaiwy, MA, and Li, L (2005):
Infliximab may reverse the toxic effects induced by tumor necrosis factor alpha in human spermatozoa: an in vitro model.
Fertil Steril 83:1665-73.

16.    PDF File (agradoc180.pdf 76 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Falcone, T, Goldberg, JM, Attaran, M, Sharma, RK, Miller, K, Nelson, DR, and Agarwal, A (2005):
Relationship between cytokines and the embryotoxicity of hydrosalpingeal fluid.
J Assist Reprod Genet 22:161-5.

17.    PDF File (agradoc183.pdf 138 Kb)
Agarwal, A, and Gupta, S (2005):
Role of reactive oxygen species in female reproduction and the effects of antioxidant supplementation - Part 2. Review Article.
AgroFOOD industry hi-tech 16:38-41.

18.    PDF File (agradoc186.pdf 721 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Gupta, S, and Sharma, RK (2005):
Role of oxidative stress in female reproduction. Review Article.
Reprod Biol Endocrin 3:28.

19.    PDF File (agradoc189.pdf 259 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Gupta, S, and Sharma, RK (2005):
Oxidative stress and its implications in female infertility - a clinician's perspective. Review Article.
Reprod Biomed Online 11:641-50.

20.    PDF File (agradoc193.pdf 200 Kb)
Esfandiari, N, Falcone, T, Goldberg, JM, Agarwal, A, and Sharma, RK (2005):
Effects of peritoneal fluid from patients with endometriosis on pre-implantation mouse embryo development and apoptosis in vitro.
Reprod Biomed Online 11:615-19.

21.    PDF File (agradoc194.pdf 94 Kb)
Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, and Sharma, RK (2005):
The role of placental oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in preeclampsia. Review Article.
Obstet Gynecol Surv 60:807-16.

22.    PDF File (agradoc197.pdf 62 Kb)
Zhang, X, Sharma, RK, Agarwal, A and Falcone, T (2005):
Effect of pentoxifylline in reducing oxidative stress induced embryotoxicity.
J Assist Reprod Genet 22:415-7.

23.    PDF File (agradoc207.pdf 305 Kb)
Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, Krajcir, N, Alvarez, JG (2006):
Role of oxidative stress in endometriosis. Review Article.
Reprod BioMed Online 13:126-134.

24.    PDF File (agradoc211.pdf 103 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Gupta, S, Sikka, S (2006):
The role of free radicals and antioxidants in reproduction. Review Article.
Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol 18:325-332.

25.    PDF File (agradoc219.pdf 645 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Gupta, S (2006):
The role of free radicals and antioxidants in female reproduction. Business Briefing.
US Genito-Urinary Disease 2006: 60-5.

26.    PDF File (agradoc223.pdf 80 Kb)
Gupta, S, Banerjee, J, Agarwal, A (2006):
The impact of reactive oxygen species in early human embryos.
Embryo Talk 1.2:87-98.

27.    PDF File (agradoc217.pdf 156 Kb)
Agarwal A, Said, TM, Bedaiwy MA, Banerjee J and Alvarez JG (2006):
Oxidative stress in an assisted reproductive techniques setting. Review Article.
Fertil Steril 86:503-512.

28.    PDF File (agradoc224.pdf 1086 Kb)
Gupta, S, Agarwal, A, Agarwal, R, Loret de Mola, R (2006):
Impact of ovarian endometrioma on assisted reproduction outcomes. Review Article.
RBM Online 13:349-360.

29.    PDF File (agradoc226.pdf 1778 Kb)
Agarwal, A, Gupta, S, Abdel-Razek, H, Krajcir, N, Athayde, K (2006):
Impact of oxidative stress on gametes and embryos in an ART laboratory. Review Article.
Clin Embryol 9:5-22.

30.    PDF File (agradoc253.pdf 101 Kb)
Bedaiwy, MA, Agarwal, A, Said, TM, Goldberg, JM, Sharma, RK, Worley, S, and Falcone, T (2006):
Role of total antioxidant capacity in the differential growth of human embryos in vitro.
Fertil Steril 2006 Aug; 86(2):304-9. Epub 2006 Jun 12.

31.    PDF File (agradoc249.pdf 280 Kb)
Bedaiwy M, Shahin AY, AbulHassan AM, Goldberg JM, Sharma RK, Agarwal A and Falcone T (2007):
Differential expression of follicular fluid cytokines: relationship to subsequent pregnancy in IVF cycles.
RBM Online 15:321-25.

32.    PDF File (agradoc247.pdf 1181 Kb)
Choi, WJ, Banerjee, J, Falcone, T, Bena J, Agarwal, A, Sharma, RK (2007):
Oxidative stress and TNF-a induced alterations in metaphase-II mouse oocyte spindle structure.
Fertil Steril 2007 Oct:88(4 Suppl):1220-31.

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