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International Congress of Andrology
Annual Meetings

The latest research findings of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists researching infertility, reproduction and sexual function have been presented in numerous American and International scientific meetings. A selected list of the abstracts presented at the International Congress of Andrology's annual meetings is as follows:

  Annual Meeting
Montreal, Canada
June 15-19, 2001

1.    PDF File (ICA-01-P3-4-116.pdf    60 Kb)
M.A. Bedaiwy,T.K. Alhaussaini, M.S. Mohamed, A.M. Abdel Aleem, R.K. Sharma, D.R. Nelson, T. Falcone, A.J. Thomas, Jr., and A. Agarwal:
Novel semen quality scores can predict pregnancy in patients with male factor infertility undergoing intrauterine insemination.
Abstract #P3/4-116.

2.    PDF File (ICA-01-P3-4-115.pdf    47 Kb)
P. Ranganathan and A. Agarwal:
Puresperm is superior to isolate density gradient for sperm processing.
Abstract #P3/4-115.

3.    PDF File (ICA-01-P5-6-027.pdf    61 Kb)
R.A. Saleh, R.K. Sharma, E. Kandirali, J.G. Alvarez, E.A. Nada, M.H. El-Tonsy, D.R. Nelson, M. Ollero, A.J. Thomas Jr., and A. Agarwal:
Leukocyte-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in sperm from leukocytospermic samples.
Abstract #P5/6-027.

4.    PDF File (ICA-01-P5-6-024.pdf    56 Kb)
R.A. Saleh, H. Kobayashi, P. Ranganathan, R.K. Sharma, D.R. Nelson, A.J. Thomas, Jr., and A. Agarwal:
Quality control of total non-enzymatic seminal antioxidant capacity by an enhanced chemiluminescence assay.
Abstract #P5/6-024.

5.    PDF File (ICA-01-P5-6-036.pdf    83 Kb)
P. Ranganathan, A.M. Mahran, J. Hallak, and A. Agarwal:
Importance of semen banking in patients with systemic diseases.
Abstract #P5/6-036.

6.    PDF File (ICA-01-P1-2-120.pdf    16 Kb)
C. Naughton:
Seminal reactive oxygen species (ROS) in varicocele patients: preliminary results demonstrate trends of increase ROS levels with varicocele grade, not testis size.
Abstract #P1/2-120.

  Annual Meeting
Salzburg, Austria
May 25-29, 1997

1.    PDF File (ICA-97-211.pdf    96 Kb)
Hallak, J., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal, A.:
Fertilizing capacity of cryopreserved spermatozoa from patients with cancer in the era of ICSI.
Abstract #211.

2.    PDF File (ICA-97-217.pdf    97 Kb)
Hallak, J., Thomas, A.J., Jr., and Agarwal, A.:
Evaluation of post-treatment fertility in patients with cancer in a sperm bank.
Abstract #217.

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