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Research Collaborators

R. John Aitken, Ph.D.


Director, ARC Centre of Excellence in
Biotechnology and Development
Laureate Professor of Biological Sciences
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308
Tel: 61- 02-49 21 2082
Fax: 61-02-49 21 6308

R. John Aitken graduated from the University of London in 1969 with special honours in Physiology. He then undertook a Masters degree in embryology at the University of Wales, followed by a PhD in reproductive biology at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of RV Short. Following post-doctoral positions at the Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh and the University of Bordeaux, he accepted an invitation to join the World Health Organization in Geneva, where he managed two WHO task forces within the Human Reproduction Unit. In 1977, he joined the Medical Research Council's Reproductive Biology Unit, University of Edinburgh, to establish a research group in the area of gamete and developmental biology. In 1992 John was awarded an Honorary Professorship within the Faculty of Medicine of Edinburgh University, and in 1995 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 1998 he received an ScD degree from the University of Cambridge and in the same year moved to the University of Newcastle, NSW, as Chair of Biological Sciences and Foundation Director of the Centre for Life Sciences. He was subsequently appointed as Head of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences before becoming Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology and Development in 2003. Since arriving in Newcastle he has established a research group with more than 40 members, has grossed more than $30 million in research income and been instrumental in developing an undergraduate degree program in Biotechnology. John has published over 400 research articles, given more than 300 invited lectures and filed 13 patents. His work has been cited >11,000 times (h-index of 58), the highest citation index in his field and in the top 5% for all of biology and biochemistry. He has held industrial consultantships with a number of major pharmaceutical companies and is actively engaged in commercializing IP generated by the ARC Centre of Excellence.

Examples of professional awards include the Walpole prize (Society for the Study of Fertility) in consecutive years (1986,1987), the Puvan Memorial Lecture (Royal Malaysian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Bruce Stewart Memorial Lecture (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) the Amoroso lecture (the most prestigious award offered by the Society for the Study of Fertility) the Jennifer Hallam Memorial Lecture (Family Planning Association of the United Kingdom) and the MJ Edwards lecture (Australian Birth Defects Society). In 2003 he gave the Lloyd Cox Memorial oration to the University of Adelaide, and in 2004 delivered the Founders Lecture (the most prestigious award offered by the Society for Reproductive Biology) at a combined meeting of the SRB and the Endocrine Society of Australia in Sydney. In 2005 he received the ST Huang-Chan Memorial Medal from the University of Hong Kong, was appointed a Laureate Professor by the University of Newcastle and received the 2005 Scientist-Of-The-Year award for Research Excellence from the Hunter Medical Research Institute. In 2006 he delivered the Keynote Address to the American Society of Andrology meeting in Chicago and a Plenary Lecture to the Fertility Society of Australia. He also presented a Keynote Address at the 2007 Frontiers in Bioscience Symposium, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong. In 2009 he delivered the Inaugural Dame Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture at the Fertility 2009 Congress in Edinburgh.

His work has been featured on television [Horizon, Tomorrow's world, Beyond 2000, Catalyst (2x), radio (Capital radio, SBS radio, ABC national and local radio as well as the BBC's Cruicible, Science Now and Medicine Now) and printed media including feature articles in the New Scientist, Nature and the Australian. He is cited in Who's Who and is on the Editorial Boards of 5 journals at the present time, including the highest ranked journals in his field.

Jakob Lackner, MD, FEBU


Department of Urology
Medical University of Vienna
Waehringerguertel 18-20
1090 Vienna
Tel: 43 1 40400 2634
Fax 43 1 40 400 2332

Priv.- Doz. Dr. Jakob Lackner graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria in 1999 with his thesis on Neurogenic bladder dysfunction. In 2002 he started his urology residency at the Medical University of Vienna. During this residency he specialized in urologic andrology. He finished his residency in 2006 and became Fellow of the European Board of Urology (F.E.B.U.). Since then he is a senior staff at the Department of Urology, where his work is focused mainly on Andrology. He has published about 20 scientific articles and over 35 abstracts on semen analysis, testicular cancer and male infertility treatment.

Priv.- Doz. Dr. Jakob Lackner is one of the leading academic andrologists in Austria.

In 2007 Dr. Lackner received the degree of Privatdozent (Priv.- Doz.) at the Medical University of Vienna. He is working to establish an international cooperation with the best institutes for andrologic research, like the Center of Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Sandro C Esteves, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Director, Androfert
Andrology & Human Reproduction Clinic
Av. Dr. Heitor Penteado, 1464
13075-460 Campinas
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: +55.19.3295.8877

Publications Reflection

Sandro Esteves, MD, PhD obtained his Medical Degree in 1990 from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. He did residency training in Urology at UNICAMP, and post-residency training in Andrology under a research fellowship from the Cleveland Clinic American Center for Reproductive Medicine in the United States. He received his Ph.D. in 2001 from the Federal University of São Paulo, in Brazil.

Sandro Esteves is the founder and director of Androfert, Andrology and Human Reproduction Clinic, a referral center for male reproduction in Brazil. His clinic was the first Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) unit in South America to obtain full ISO 9001 certifications.

Dr. Esteves is a board-certified Urologist by the Brazilian Society of Urology, and an ART Consultant by the Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction. He is also a certified "Reproductive Laboratory Inspector" by both the College of American Pathologists and RedLatinoAmericana de Reprodución Asistida. Dr. Esteves’clinical interests include male infertility, microsurgery, reproductive endocrinology and assisted reproductive techniques. He is Professor of Research at the University of Campinas (Brazil) and Clinical Tutor in Urology (Honorary) at the University of Edinburgh (UK). He is also Research Collaborator and External Preceptor at the Cleveland Clinic's American Center for Reproductive Medicine (USA). His research interests include azoospermia-related infertility, microsurgical sperm retrieval techniques, fertility preservation, varicocele, and quality management.

Dr. Esteves has published over 100 scientific papers and reviews, authored over 40 book chapters, edited 2 special journal issues and 3 textbooks related to infertility and IVF. His science indicators include over 1,200 citations and a h-index of 20*. Dr. Esteves serves on Editorial Board of International Urology and Nephrology, Clinics, and Medical Express Journals. He is Associate Editor of International Brazilian Journal of Urology, and ad hoc reviewer of 20 scientific journals.

He has been guest speaker of many international meetings in over 20 countries. He was the recipient of the 2006 "Alumni of the Year" Award from the Cleveland Clinic CRM, and the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Star Award from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Sandro is married to Fabiola and has two children, Alexandre and Catarina. The family lives in lives in Campinas, Brazil.

Certificate of Dr. Sandro C. Esteves web talk to the CRM ART trainees

Fabio Pasqualotto, M.D., Ph.D.


Professor of Anatomy and Urology, and post-graduation
Institute of Biotechnology
University of Caxias do Sul
Director, CONCEPTION - Center for Human Reproduction
Pinheiro Machado
2569, sl 23/24
Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil
Tel: 55-54-3214-4095
Fax: 55-54-3215-1695

Dr Fábio Firmbach Pasqualotto received his M.D. degree from the University of Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil in 1993. Completed his residency in general surgery and urology in the Santa Casa Hospital, Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1997. He was a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Research in Human Reproduction, Infertility and Sexual Function, Cleveland clinic Foundation from 1998-1999. He received his Masters degree (2001) and Ph.D. degree (2002) from the Department of Urology, University of São Paulo, Brazil and his post-doctorate from the University of Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil in 2003. He is a Full Professor of Anatomy, Embryology and Urology at the University of Caxias do Sul, Professor of post-graduation in the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Caxias do Sul and Professor of Clinical Andrology in the post-graduate course in Infertility and Human Reproduction, Sapientae Institute, São Paulo, Brazil. In addition, he is the Director of CONCEPTION - Center for Human Reproduction, Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.

Dr. Pasqualotto received the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology (SMRU) travel award from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in 1999 and the International Society for Andrology (ISA) travel award in 2001. He is member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Andrology Section of the Brazilian Society for Human Reproduction. His special interests are in the area of andrology are: the pathophysiology of male infertility, sperm cryopreservation, microsurgery, clinical and surgical treatment of male infertility, DNA damage and testicular apoptosis. Research interests include: embryology, erectile dysfunction, male contraception, hormonal replacement therapy, role of antioxidants in male infertility, DNA damage, testicular apoptosis, sperm pathology and biomarkers of male infertility. Dr. Pasqualotto has published more than 70 original articles and 170 abstracts in American or European journals/meetings, and has more than 150 presentations at Brazilian meetings/congresses. Also, he has published 6 book chapters in the area of infertility and 2 books (male infertility and erectile dysfunction) and stem cells (In press). Reviewer of the following journals: Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, Journal of Urology, RBM Online, American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, Asian Journal of Andrology, Singapore Medical Journal, Indian Journal of Urology, Medical Science Monitor, Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, International Brazilian Journal of Biological and Medical Research and Cadernos de Saude Publica.

Alumni Award for Excellence in Andrology Research
ASRM Meeting, Washington, DC, October 14, 2007

Tamer M. Said, M.D., Ph.D.


Director, Andrology Laboratory & Reproductive Tissue Bank
The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine - ReproMed
56 Aberfoyle Crescent, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M8X 2W4
Tel: 416-233-8111, Ext. 342
Fax: 416-233-9180

Dr. Said graduated from Alexandria Medical School, Egypt in 1994 and received his Master degree in Andrology from the University of Alexandria in 1999. He completed his four year post-graduate training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio where he worked as a Research Fellow and as a Research Associate. Dr. Said holds a Doctorate degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands. He has more than ten years of experience in the field of Andrology Laboratories and Cryo-banks. Since 2006, he oversees the Andrology Laboratory and Reproductive Tissue Bank at the Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine, ReproMed.

Dr. Said has an impressive history of academic achievements. He is the recipient of a number of academic awards and research grants from National and International organizations in the United States and Canada. He has published over 35 scientific papers and review articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, authored 10 book chapters, and has presented more than 70 abstracts at both national and international scientific meetings. He is a member of several professional societies, including: American Society of Reproductive Medicine, American Society of Andrology, and the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society. Dr. Said is an ad hoc reviewer for several esteemed scientific journals such as: Andrologia, the Journal of Andrology, Fertility & Sterility, and Biology of Reproduction, Human Reproduction. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics and Journal of urology. In addition, he also serves as a Managing Editor in Frontiers of Bioscience. His research interests include apoptosis and DNA fragmentation in the male germ line, sperm selection methods and gamete cryopreservation. He worked on developing a new semen preparation method based on immuno-magnetic labeling of apoptotic sperm. He remains fully active in both basic and clinical research.

Armand Zini, M.D., FRCS(C)


Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
Division of Urology
McGill University Health Center
Montreal, Canada
Tel: 514- 345-3511
Fax: 514-724-2718

Dr. Armand Zini is Associate Professor of Urology at McGill University and Head of the Division of Urology at St. Mary's Hospital in Montreal. Dr. Zini is the Director of the Andrology Fellowship program at McGill University and currently supervises a clinical fellow.

Dr. Zini received his Medical degree and completed his urologic training at McGill University in Montreal. He then completed a fellowship in Male Infertility at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Centre and The Population Council in New York, working with Drs. Marc Goldstein and Peter Schlegel.

Dr. Zini's main expertise is in the area of male infertility. His clinical research interests include varicoceles and the role of semen oxidants and antioxidants in male infertility. He has published extensively on the subject of varicocele and microsurgical varicocelectomy. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Zini has also focused his research activity on the study of human sperm chromatin and DNA integrity. He has conducted several studies evaluating the impact of sperm processing on DNA integrity and the role of antioxidants on sperm DNA damage. Recently, he has published several important studies on the influence of sperm DNA damage on reproductive outcomes. In 2005, he gave the John Collins lecture entitled "Sperm DNA damage and Male Infertility" at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. In 2006 he was invited to present on the "Tests of sperm DNA damage" at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) annual meeting and in 2008 was invited to present on the "Clinical importance of sperm DNA damage" at both the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and American Society of Andrology (ASA) annual meetings. Dr. Zini has recently presented on the "Role of antioxidants and sperm DNA damage" (Sperm DNA Symposium in Rome, Italy, March 2009) and has been invited to the upcoming European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) consensus workshop on sperm DNA testing (to be held in Sweden, May 2009). Dr. Zini is currently funded (by the Canadian Institute for Health Research) for studies on sperm physiology and the epigenetic effects of dietary vitamin supplementation.

Angela Cadavid, M.D.,M.Sc., Dr.Sci.


Head Reproduction Program
Sede de Investigación
Universitaria -SIU
University of Antioquia
Carrera 53 # 61-30
Tel: 57-4-219 6476

Dr. Angela Cadavid Jaramillo received her MD degree in 1986, her master degree in Inmunology in 1991 and her doctoral degree in biomedical sciences with emphasis in reproductive immunology in 1998 from the University of Antioquia, Medellin-Colombia. She is currently an Associate Professor at School of Medicine and the Head of the Reproduction Group at the University of Antioquia.

Her special interests are reproductive immunology focused in recurrent pregnacy loss, preeclampsia, new mechanisms of action of aspirin in reproductive alterations, antiphospholipid syndrome, natural products for anticonception, andrology and the role of male factor in early embryo death. She offers immunological diagnosis and consults in recurrent pregnancy. Dr. Cadavid is the recipient of several grants from public organizations in Colombia and received Silver Medal for her scientific contribution by the Mayor of Medellin-Colombia in 2008; Cum Laude distinction for her doctoral thesis in immunology of recurrent abortion in 1998 and Eastman Kodak Young Investigator Award in 1996. She has published 30 articles and 25 reviews or book chapters and presented 35 papers at national and international congresses.

Sonja Grunewald, M.D.


Physician, University of Leipzig
Department of Dermatology,
  Venerology and Allergology
European Training Center of Andrology
Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse 23-25
04103 Leipzig, Germany
Tel:  49-341-9718740
Fax: 49-341-9718749

Dr. Angela Cadavid Jaramillo received her MD degree in 1986, her master degree in Inmunology in 1991

Dr. Sonja Grunewald received her doctorate degree from the Department of Dermatology, University of Leipzig, Germany in 2003. She joined Department of Andrology at University of Leipzig, Germany as a post-doctoral fellow where she obtained training in clinical and experimental andrology and will complete her residency at the Department of Dermatology in spring 2008. She is member of the American Society for Andrology (ASA) since 2002 and of the German Society for Andrology (DGA) since 2004. Dr. Grunewald received the prestigious Jenapharm Research Grant of the German Society of Andrology in 2006. Her research interests are in reproductive biology, in particular, in understanding signal transduction pathways and developing molecular-based sperm separation techniques. She has authored over 28 manuscripts, over 100 abstracts and many presentations at various scientific and professional meetings. She has been a principal investigator of junior research grants and co-investigator of federally funded research grants.

Certificate of Dr. Grunewald's visit and talk in Cleveland Clinic, August 2007

Uwe Paasch, M.D., Ph.D.

Andrologist (EAA)
Senior Physician, University of Leipzig
Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology
European Training Center of Andrology
Division of Dermatopathology
Division of Aesthetics and Laserdermatology
Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse 23-25
04103 Leipzig, Germany
Tel: 49-341-9718747, 640, 750
Fax: 49-341-9718749

Dr. Uwe Paasch received his doctorate degree from the Department of Dermatology, University of Leipzig, Germany in 1996. He joined Department of Andrology at University of Leipzig, Germany as a post-doctoral fellow where he obtained training in clinical and experimental andrology. Dr. Paasch's research interests are in reproductive biology, in particular, in understanding the biology and prevention of male infertility. He has authored over 132 manuscripts among them 89 papers are in Medline, over 173 abstracts, 4 books, 23 book chapters and many presentations at various scientific and professional meetings. He has been a principal investigator or co-investigator of federally funded research grants and clinical trials.

Rima Dada, M.D., Ph.D (Genetics), MAMS


Associate Professor
Dept of Anatomy
All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS)
New Delhi 110029
Tel: 91-11-26588500 ext 3517, 26593216
Fax 91-11-26588663

Dr. Rima Dada received her MD degree in Anatomy in 1996 and a PhD in Genetics from AIIMS, New Delhi in 2003. She is currently an Associate Professor at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Dr. Dada is actively engaged in teaching and research and has established the laboratory for Molecular Reproduction and Genetics. She offers genetic diagnostic services and is pursuing research on genetic aspects of infertility, reproductive failure and recurrent ART failure.

Dr Dada has received the ICMR National Award for significant contribution in the field of genetics of infertility. She has also received the Young Scientist award at 2nd European American Course in Clinical and Forensic Genetics in Croatia (1999), GP Talwar Gold Medal (2007) at Indian Society for Research in Reproduction Meeting and Best paper award at 33rd Annual Congress of Indian Society of Andrology in 2007. Dr Dada has published more than 30 original articles, 18 book chapters and DBT workshop manual and 30 abstracts in American or European meetings/journals. Dr Dada is a member of various professional societies and an ad-hoc reviewer for several scientific journals.

Premendu P. Mathur, Ph.D.


Professor & Head
Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and
Center Head
Center for Bioinformatics, School of Life Sciences
Pondicherry University
Pondicherry-605 014
Tel:  91-413-2655212 / 2654419 (Office)
Fax: 91-413-2655211

Dr. Premendu P. Mathur, Professor & Head, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Center Head, Center for Bioinformatics (Centre of Excellence), Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, received his Ph.D. (1980) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He received his postdoctoral training at The Population Council, The Rockefeller University, New York (1985-87) as a Rockefeller Foundation Special Fellowship Awardee. Subsequently he received Rockefeller Foundation Biotechnology Career Award (1992-94). He also received INSA-DFG Fellowship Award to visit Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Muenster, Germany. Dr Mathur has mentored several M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. He is the Regional Coordinator (Asia) of the Asian Journal of Andrology (Nature Publishing Group) and has been nominated on the Editorial Board of newly launched journal, Spermatogenesis (Landes Bioscience). He has been acting as Ad hoc reviewer for several national and international journals in reproduction and toxicology. He has published more than 90 research papers and chapters in Indian and foreign journals and books.

Dr. Mathur is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. He has received Dr. P.N. Shah Memorial US Vitamin (India) Oration Award of the Endocrine Society of India in 2002 Prof. Mathur is serving on the Committee on Reproduction and the Environment of the Society for the Study of Reproduction, USA. (2008-10) and is an Elected member of the Executive Council of the Indian Science Congress Association (2008-10). He was Vice-Chairman of Scientific Committee of Third Asia-Pacific Forum on Andrology, China, 2009.

Rajender Singh, Ph.D.


Male Reproductive Health Research Laboratory
Division of Endocrinology
Central Drug Research Institute
Lucknow, U.P.
Tel: 91-522-2612411
Mobile: 91-9044872221

Dr. Singh received his Masters of Biotechnology in 2003 from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India, and his Ph.D. degree in 2007 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi while working at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, India. He is a recipient of fellowship from the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India during his M.Sc. course. He received fellowship during doctorate degree from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India. He was appointed as a scientist at the Central Drug Research Institute, a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, in 2007.

Dr. Singh has published 25 scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has presented abstracts at both national and international scientific meetings. He is a recipient of the Young Scientist Award from the Indian Society of Human Genetics. Dr. Singh is the managing editor of the Frontiers in Biosciences and an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Andrology, Human Reproduction, and Asian Journal of Andrology. Dr. Singh is a part of the Reproductive Health Program of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. His current research interests include: understanding the etiology of male infertility, treatment of male infertility and exploring targets for male contraception.

Alex C. Varghese, Ph.D.


Senior Embryologist
CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre
Kodungalloor PO
Kerala – 680664
Cell: +91-9748634082

Publications Reflection

Alex C Varghese is presently the Senior Embryologist at CRAFT Hospital and Research Centre, Kerala, India and Visiting consultant Embryologist at Manipal Ankur Andrology and Reproductive Sciences, India. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta, India for his thesis based on ART. He was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA from 2007-2008 and then he joined as the Scientific Director and Chief embryologist at the Fertility Clinic, AMRI Hospital, Kolkata, India (2008 to 2011). In the year 2011 he joined the team of Prof. S.L.Tan at Montreal Reproductive Centre, Quebec, Canada. He is active in clinical embryology since 1997 and has initiated many successful training programs in ART and helped in designing and setting up of many IVF units in India. In the year 2010 he founded the educational web platform for IVF professionals- which is now popular in 165 countries. He has authored over 30 manuscripts and edited 8 books in IVF, published by Springer, USA, CRC press and Jaypee Medical Publishers respectively. Following are the titles. He has also published 17 book chapters in the area of assisted conception. He is also in the editorial board of Journal of Assisted Reproduction, Genetics (ASRM) and International Journal of Infertility and Fetal Medicine, Journal of Reproductive and Stem cell Biotechnology and Obstetrics and Gynecology International and Ad Hoc Reviewer for Reproductive Biomedicine Online, Fertility and Sterility and Asian Journal of Andrology. He is also the Ad-board member of C-Create, educational program by Ferring and ISAR-India. Alex’s research interests are in assisted reproductive technology, in particular, in understanding the molecular and environmental causes and prevention of male infertility, vitrification of gametes and embryos, probiotics in fertility, microbiota in health and disease associated with reproduction and developing stress-free embryo culture systems for In Vitro Fertilization. He is also the co-investigator in the research project funded by Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and the Immediate Past President of Academy of clinical embryologists-India. My wife Jessino Alex and I are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Hanna C Alex and Esther C Alex.

Certificate of Collaboration

Giancarlo Balercia, M.D.


Professor of Endocrinology
Andrology Unit, Endocrinology,
Dept of Internal Medicine and Applied Biotechnologies,
Polytechnic University of Marche,
Umberto I Hospital,
60100 Ancona, Italy
Tel: 39-071-596-3738
Fax: 39-071-887-300

Giancarlo Balercia is Professor in Endocrinology and teaches Endocrinology at the Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona. His research is directed in Endocrinology, Clinical and Experimental Andrology, Genetic of Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction.

He is the Chief of the Andrology Unit in Endocrinology, Umberto I Hospital, Ancona. Dr. Balercia is a Full member of European Academy of Andrology, of Italian Society of Endocrinology and of Italian Society of Andrology and Medical Sexology (SIAMS). He has been member of the Council of the Italian Society of Medicine of Sexuality until 2008 and he is a Regional Coordinator of the same Society. He is also the Director of the Ancona EAA Training Centre for Andrology.

Dr. Balercia has authored over 200 scientific works, including over 80 articles in International Journals.

Angelo Carpi, M.D.


Professor of Internal Medicine
Department of Reproduction and Ageing
University of Pisa
Santa Chiara Hospital
Via Roma, 67
56126 Pisa, Italy
Tel. and Fax: +39 050 992955

Dr Carpi is the Professor of Internal Medicine at Pisa University. He is the Director of the Division 'Male Infertility', Department of Reproduction and Ageing, University of Pisa since 2009. Dr Carpi has more than 200 scientific publications. His main areas of research are: male infertility thyroid breast tumors and vascular endothelium. He is on the editorial board of the following journals: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Internal Medicine, Clinical Laboratory and Thyroidology. He is recently involved in research on bioingeneering, and is the director of a unit in a project of the CNR (National Research Council) on biomaterials.

Giovanni M. Colpi, M.D.


Head of Uro-Andrology and IVF Unit
San Paolo Hospital
Polo Universitario
Via di Rudini 8
20142 Milano, Italy
Tel:  39-2-81844535
Fax: 39-02-81844711

Dr. Giovanni M. Colpi is a specialist in Urology, Andrology, and Endocrinology. He is the Head of Uro-Andrology and IVF Unit at San Paolo Hospital in Milan, Italy. Dr. Colpi is the Academician of the European Academy of Andrology, he is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Milan and Pavia, and a member of a number of scientific committees in the field of reproduction. Dr. Colpi has edited 3 international books and published numerous articles in European and American Journals.

Juris Erenpreiss, M.D., Ph.D.


Director and Leading Researcher
Andrology laboratory
Riga Stradins University
Dzirciema 16
Riga LV 1007, Latvia
Tel:  371-29-471361
Fax: 371-7331739

Dr. Juris Erenpreiss received his MD degree from the Latvian Academy of Medicine, Latvia, in 1998, and his doctorate degree from the Riga Stradins University, Latvia, in 2003. He is the Director and leading researcher of the Andrology laboratory, Riga Stradins University, Latvia since 2005.

Dr. Erenpreiss was the Director of the Family Planning Department of Riga Stradins University, Latvia (2002-2004), Lecturer in Andrology at Riga Stradins University (1998-2004), and a leading researcher at the Latvian University Biomedicine Centre, Latvia from 2003-2005. He has worked as a visiting researcher, post-doctoral fellow and as an andrologist at the Fertility Centre and Molecular Reproductive Research Unit of Lund University, Sweden from 2003-2006. His main research interests are related to sperm chromatin structure abnormalities and male infertility, epidemiological studies of reproductive function in young men from Baltic countries, the relation of the androgen receptor polymorphisms to male reproductive function, and sperm epigenetics.

Dr. Erenpreiss has authored or co-authored 11 manuscripts, over 40 abstracts, one book (in Latvian), over 25 papers in Latvian medical/scientific issues, and many presentations at scientific and professional meetings. Dr. Erenpreiss is a board member of the Baltic Society for Andrology, and a full member of the European Academy of Andrology.

Certificate of Dr. Erenpreiss's visit to Cleveland Clinic in April 2006

Stefan S du Plessis, Ph.D., MBA


Head: Division of Medical Physiology
Faculty of Health Sciences
Stellenbosch University
Francie van Zijl Drive
Tygerberg, 7505
South Africa
Tel: 27 21 938 9388


Prof. Stefan S du Plessis is the Head of the Division of Medical Physiology and full professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Stefan heads the Stellenbosch University Reproductive Research Group (SURRG) in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, which is responsible for basic research on male gametes and post graduate student training. His research interests are in the fields of oxidative stress (ROS & RNS) as well as elucidating the roles of various life style factors (e.g. obesity, insulin, leptin, glucose, smoking, marijuana, STI’s) on sperm parameters and function. Stefan collaborates extensively with Prof. Ashok Agarwal (American Center for Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA) and other internationally recognized scientists. He has published more than 50 peer reviewed scientific articles. He serves on the editorial board of two leading international journals and regularly acts as an ad hoc reviewer for various scientific journals.

Juan G. Alvarez, M.D., Ph.D.


Centro de Infertilidad Masculina ANDROGEN
C/Fernando Macias, 8, 1C
15004 La Coruna
Tel:  34-981 918420
Fax: 34-981 918520

Professor Juan G. Alvarez received his Medical Doctor degree at the University of Santiago of Compostela in Spain, has a Ph.D in Physical-Chemistry by the University of Villanova, Pennsylvania, and is Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School. During over three decades he has developed his scientific career in world leading research centers such as the Reproductive Biology Unit at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School, where he was Director of Research at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Co-Director of the Women's Health Research Institut at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. He carried out basic and clinical research in the field of infertility with particular emphasis in oxygen radical chemistry and biochemistry in mammalian spermatozoa and free radical-induced sperm DNA damage in human spermatozoa. Proof of that are his more than 200 scientific articles published in top journals specialized in reproduction. Professor Alvarez is ad hoc reviewer of over twenty scientific journals including those journals of highest impact in human reproduction. He is the inventor of the test FertilMARQ™, the first at home male infertility test approved by the FDA.

Currently, he is Director of Centro ANDROGEN, one of the leading male infertility clinics in Spain, and also Scientific Director of Institut Marques, one of the leading IVF centers in Spain. He combines his clinical activities with research in the area of male infertility. He is currently collaborating with the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological Institute, Harvard Medical School, Yale University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Leipzig, and the CSIC, one of the top research institutions in Spain.

Jaime Gosalvez, Ph.D.


Departamento de Biología
Edificio de Biología C/
Darwin sn
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
20849- MADRID
Tel:  34914978210
Fax: 34914978444

Professor Jaime Gosálvez is a permanent member of the Department of Genetics of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. He received his Ph.D. in Biology with specialization in Genetics in 1979. Prof. Gosálvez has visited several overseas institutions for research collaboration such as: the University of East Anglia (Prof. GM Hewitt, UK), Medical Research Centre in Edinburgh (Dr. A Summer, UK), Dipartimento de Biología di la Universitá di Cagliari (Dr. V Mezzanotte, Italy), Hospital Juan Canalejo in La Coruña (Dr. JL Fernández and V Goyanes, Spain). As an active person in academia he is in-charge of courses of Molecular Cytogenetics, Models and Evolutive Processes and Advanced Technologies for Biology. His special interests are in the area of Genetics (Molecular Cytogenetics) with special emphasis in DNA structure and function. As defined by his alter-ego (Dr. C López-Fernández) in the laboratory he conducts, he could be considered a "Chromosome Lover". Nowadays, he is deeply involved in the analysis of different aspect of the DNA molecule in the sperm and their possible implications in male infertility, with special emphasis in human, other mammalian species and fish, as well as those clinical aspects of the male factor to achieve pregnancy. In full coordination with Dr. JL Fernández and Dr. V Goyanes, the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test (SCD) was developed and patented. On the basis of this patent, which belong to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, some comercial products have been developed with the basic SCD technology. Dr. Gosálvez has published more than 210 original articles and around 190 abstracts have been presented in different national and international meetings. Graphic material of some articles were selected by the editorial board as front-page in journals such as Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics, Genome, Experimental Cell Research, Fertility and Sterility, Journal of Andrology (2) and Biotech. Also, he has published 15 book chapters in the area of Cytogenetics and sperm quality assessment and has edited two books. He has been the Principal Investigator of more than 30 national and international competitive research applications, fully financed. He participates as an active reviewer of National and International Research projects and scientific journals. He is co-author of two patents with world-wide protection and exploited by different companies and he acts as a free-external advisor for scientific aspects of the methodologies patented and licensed by the Autónoma University under University-Private Companies contracts. He acts as one of the scientific assessors of the Madrid Technological Park, where most of the emerging spin-off companies are located and he is member of the committee of the Socrates-Erasmus European mobility program for student interchange.

Certificate of Dr. Gosalvez's visit to Cleveland Clinic in October 2007

Nicolás Garrido, Ph.D.


Laboratorio de Andrología y Banco de Semen
Instituto Universitario IVI
Plaza de la Policía Local 3
46015 Valencia
Tel.: 34-963050987 (Office)
        34-661857915 (Cell)

Dr. Nicolás Garrido received his Biological Sciences Degree in 1997 from the University of Valencia in Spain. He did a pre-doctoral fellowship at the Frauenklinik, Düsseldorf, Germany. He received his Ph.D. Degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2001 from the University of Valencia, Spain, and the Extraordinary Prize for his thesis work in 2002. He also has a Master degree in Research Methods Design and Statistics (2009) from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain. Since 2000, he is the Director of the Andrology Laboratory and Sperm Bank at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (IVI). Dr. Garrido is a member of several scientific societies and has twice received the reasearch award from the Spanish Society of Fertility, and the Prize Paper of the Spanish Society of Urology. The primary areas of his research are the molecular markers of male infertility and sperm survival after freezing/thawing, assisted reproduction in HIV/VHC serodiscordant couples, and sperm banking. Dr. Garrido is the recipient of several grants from public and private organizations in Spain. He has published over 40 articles and 20 reviews or book chapters, made almost 100 presentations at national and international congresses. He is also currently statistics assessor of IVI Valencia the biggest infertility clinic in Spain.

Dr. Garrido coordinates the fellowship courses from the Teaching Area of the IVI group (actually 14 Infertility clinics worldwide, presenting more than 100 courses and 6 different Master studies) and is Professor of the post graduate Master in Biotechnology of the Human Reproduction from Instituto Universitario IVI, Valencia University.

Certificate of Dr. Garrido's visit and talk in Cleveland Clinic, April 2007


Diana Vaamonde, Ph.D.


Morphological Sciences Dept.
School of Medicine
Avda Menendez Pidal s/n
University of Cordoba
Cordoba 14004, Spain
Tel: 011-34-661131265
Fax: 011-34-957410509

Prof. Dr. Diana Vaamonde is an Assistant Professor in the Anatomy and Embryology, School of Medicine, University of Cordoba, Spain. She completed her BS Biology from Washington and Lee University in 1998 and MS in Biology with emphasis on Reproduction from Old Dominion University/Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in 2004. Her Ph.D. work was in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences where she brought together knowledge from the reproductive medicine and the sports medicine fields. Most of her work has been on the effect of sports training, especially in elite athletes, on the male reproductive system. With the collaboration of the Cleveland Clinic, she is now including the possible effect of oxidative stress in such relationship. She has published over 20 original articles, and has written several book chapters. She also is a reviewer for a number of journals including Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, Asian Journal of Andrology, etc. She has created in the last year the International Network on Physical Exercise and Fertility.

Enver Kerem Dirican, Ph.D., SCE, EMB


Embryology Laboratory Director
Memorial Hospital of Antalya
Antalya, Turkey
Tel: +90 (242) 314 6666
Fax: +90 (242) 314 6645

Dr. Enver Kerem Dirican is the Embryology Laboratory Director at the Memorial Hospital of Antalya, American Center for Reproductive Medicine, Antalya, Turkey. He is a certified Embryology Laboratory Director and Micromanipulation Specialist from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, he is an ESHRE certified Senior Clinical Embryologist, and he is a Board Certified Embryologist by the American College of Embryology.

Dr. Dirican received his B.Sc. degree from Ankara University, Department of Biology, Ankara Turkey; M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Cellular Biology from Gazi University, Institute of Science, Department of Biology, Ankara, Turkey, under the supervision of Prof. Yusuf Kalender. His Ph.D. thesis, “Testicular Toxicity of Dichlorvos and the Protective Role of Vitamins C and E in Rats”, was first presented in the IFFS Meeting, 2007 and then published in Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology in 2011.

Dr. Dirican started his IVF laboratory practice in 1995. He is one of the pioneers in Turkey in the use of spermatids and totally immotile spermatozoa for assisted reproduction, successful cryopreservation and thawing of testicular spermatozoa resulting in live births, collaborating in first livebirths after Preimplantation Genetic Screening by Whole Genome Amplification-Comparative Genomic Hybridization, presenting first clinical pregnancies in the world after magnetic sorting of non-apoptotic spermatozoa for Assisted Reproduction.

Dr. Dirican has published and presented almost 30 scientific studies at both national and international magazines and scientific meetings. He is a member of several professional societies including: ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) TSRM (Turkish Society for Reproductive Medicine), ACE (American College of Embryology) Society of Private IVF Centers of Turkey and Turkish Society of Clinical Embryology. Dr. Dirican is on the ad hoc reviewer board of Fertility and Sterility, Journal of Andrology and Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. His resume is selected for publication in the Marquis Who’s Who in The World in 2011 and 2012 editions.

Dr. Dirican is active in basic and clinical research and has trained many basic scientists, clinicians and clinical researchers from Turkey and abroad. In addition many medical/biological undergraduate students and observers have worked in his laboratory. His current research interests include the investigation of cellular injury and apoptosis of the male and female gametes and embryos, environmental factors and their effects on fertility and the roles of certain antioxidants on human reproduction.

Nabil F. Aziz, M.B., ChB, FRCOG, M.D.


Consultant Gynecologist and lead Clinician,
Liverpool Women's hospital
Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Liverpool Women's Hospital
Crown Street Liverpool L8 7SS
United Kingdom
Tel:  44-151-7089988
Fax: 44-151-7024137

Dr. Nabil F. Aziz is a Consultant in Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine and lead clinician at Liverpool Women's Hospital and the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. The Hospital is the largest women's hospital in Europe and houses the largest assisted conception unit in the UK.
Dr. Aziz received his medical degree from Ain Shams University School of Medicine in Cairo, Egypt. He became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians in 1988 and a Fellow in 2003. He was awarded the Doctorate Degree (MD) in reproductive medicine from the University of Liverpool, UK in 1999.
Dr. Aziz's primary research interest is basic and clinical research in fertility and assisted reproductive technology. His research work led to the routine use of the single-channeled needle in oocyte aspiration. He developed the concept of Sperm Deformity Index as a reliable predictor of male infertility. Among his other interests are minimal invasive surgery and medical education. He has published more than 80 scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters.
Dr. Aziz is an ad hoc reviewer for Human Reproduction, Fertility and Sterility, Reproductive BioMedicine Online and BJOG.

Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition ASRM Meeting, Washington, DC, October 14, 2007

Appointment as Honorary Scientist

Certificate of Dr. Nabil F. Aziz web talk to the CRM ART trainees

Ramadan Abdou Saleh, M.D.


Assistant Professor
Director of Scientific Research Support Unit (SRSU), Faculty of Medicine
Vice Dean, Faculty of Nursery
Sohag University
Sohag, Egypt
Tel: 093 2304772; 093 2354268
Web site:

Publications Reflection
Venereology and Andrology; Director of Scientific Research Support Unit (SRSU) at Faculty of Medicine; and Vice Dean of Faculty of Nursery, Sohag University, Egypt. He is the Founder and Director of Ajyal Hospital and Ajyal IVF Center in Sohag, Egypt. He was a Research Fellow in Andrology in the Cleveland Clinic's American Center for Reproductive Medicine from November 1999 to May 2002. He is a member of the American Society of Andrology (ASA), American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Egyptian Society of Andrology (ESA) & Egyptian Society of Dermatology and Venereology (ESDV). His clinical and research interests include topics related to Andrology (male infertility, assisted reproduction and sexology) and Dermatology (general dermatology, dermato-pathology, cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic surgery and laser). He has published more than 25 articles in peer reviewed journals, authored a book chapter, and presented over 60 papers at national and international scientific meetings.