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Ahmet Ayaz has a Master’s degree from Fatih University, Istanbul. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree while attached to the Department of Bioengineering, Yildiz Technical University (Davutpasa Campus), Istanbul. He is an awardee of the TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Study Abroad Program and is a Research Fellow in Andrology in the Center for Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic since May 2013. Ahmet’s research interests include the genetic causes of male infertility.
E-mail: ayaza@ccf.org

Eva Tvrdá received her Masters studies in 2009 in Biotechnologies from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia. Since then she is a PhD student at the Department of Animal Physiology. Her research revolves around the endogenous and exogenous hazards to male fertility, specifically on the induction of oxidative stress in the sperm cell. She joined the Center for Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic as a Fulbright research scholar in October 2013.
Research Interest: Proteomics of spermatozoa in men with reproductive cancers.
E-mail: TVRDAE@ccf.org

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